Love Feels Good

Spruce tree

Spruce tree in my back yard

I have two spruce trees in my back yard. They stay green all year long and help to make my yard look beautiful. They also supply cooling shade during the hot summer months.

I see them every day, especially when I spend time playing with my dog, Peanut, in the back yard. She loves to race around the yard, sometimes including those trees in her circle of whirling legs. They add character and a sense of permanence to my yard.

Of course, trees are vulnerable to tornadoes, floods, invading beetles and other critters. But so far, my two trees have stayed healthy. They feel like loyal, steadfast friends.

It might be an enjoyable way to spend time this fall season by walking around your front and back yard and spending time with each bush, tree and other vegetation. Stand or sit in front of each one and focus just on that bush or that tree or, even, that weed. Be thankful for it and quiet your mind as you focus on the plant. Do you get any impressions? Any sense of what it may need? Any flow of love from it to your heart or from your heart to it?

It might seem weird to think of a plant sending love to your heart, but you won’t think it’s weird once you experience it. You will feel encouraged and feel full of life. You might want to race around in circles like my dog loves to do. It makes us all feel good when we sense love coming to us.

What if we could send love to trees and other plants? You are so smart, because you already know we can do that. Just think how encouraged and full of life those plants and trees feel when we send love to them. That’s a great activity to try during this Thanksgiving season.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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