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Trees May Help You Feel Happier

Most people feel a little sad every now and then. Sometimes for just a few seconds, they may feel lonely or down in the dumps. Those feelings are often gone in a minute or two. Sometimes they last a little bit longer. When you start to feel sad or lonely, you could try something simple

Attractions of Autumn

When I see leaves on the trees changing colors, I think of warm, short sleeved weather turning into sweater and coat weather. I love the fall season for many reasons. The weather is no longer uncomfortably warm. The changing leaf shades make the landscape turn into a crayon box full of bright colors. Watering flowers

Trees Let Go When the Time Is Right

In autumn, the leaves of certain kinds of trees turn different colors and fall off. They are known as deciduous trees. Some of them are cottonwoods, elms, maples, oaks, and chestnuts. Other trees, such as spruce, juniper and pine, have needles instead of leaves, and they hang onto most of their needles all year long.

White Spruce Trees Take Root in Alaska Tundra

White spruce trees are beautiful coniferous trees that look kind of like Christmas trees. They can grow up to 100 feet tall, and they grow across North America. They are cone bearing seed plants. One place they have not been known to grow is on the Arctic tundra in Alaska. When shadows in northwest Alaska

Exotic Mahogany Makes Beautiful Guitars

Talented guitar builders create guitars made from different kinds of wood. The more unique looking the wood design, the more intriguing it can be to guitarists and collectors. Some of the most beautiful guitars are built from a mahogany tree felled in 1965 in the Chiquibul jungle in what is now Belize. For many years,

Dilemma of the Spreading Rose Bush

My back yard is home to a rose bush that flowers beautifully in early spring. I love this rose bush because the roses cover it so profusely. They are some of the first blossoms to burst with color each year. There is one problem with the bush, however. Some of its branches arch out over

Volunteers Take Forests to People

In the Netherlands, also known as Holland, a landscape architect has dreamed up a project that brings trees to people. Bruno Doedens and the late Joop Mulder, who was his longtime collaborator, thought up the project. They wanted to reduce pollution and waste and to improve biodiversity, which refers to the variety of life in

Native People in Congo Work to Save Rainforest

Sometimes I run across articles about native people in different countries who have inherited a passion for saving their rainforests. It’s such a basic desire that it’s in their blood. When officials in their countries do not take their abilities seriously, the people feel undervalued. And the rainforests suffer. In an article by Ed Ram

Healthy Trees Need Healthy Soil

If you see a healthy tree, it means healthy soil is helping it to grow and stay well. Healthy soil is made up of lots of microorganisms, a big, long word. It describes one-celled organisms called microbes too small for us to see. You have to look through a microscope to see them. It’s hard

Tree Could Be Over 5,000 Years Old

Back in 1972, the grandfather of Jonathan Barichivich discovered a Patagonian cypress that might be the oldest tree in the world. He found it in the Andes Mountains of South America in the Alerce Costero National Park in Chile. Today, Barichivich of Chile is an environmental scientist working at the Climate and Environmental Sciences Laboratory