Tree Branches Hold Snow Well

Snow drapes over spruce tree branches

Recent snowy weather has blanketed trees with snow. I used to worry that snow was too heavy for branches to handle. Though every once in a long while very heavy snow has made it challenging for tree branches to hold up the snow without cracking or breaking, that doesn’t happen very often. Normally, trees can handle the snow just fine. They’re made to handle its weight.

I laugh at myself a little when I let myself think that I have to rescue trees from all the snow gathering on their branches. They’re perfectly able to handle the snow.

What makes us think we have to rescue trees during a normal winter storm? Do we want to feel useful? Do we like the idea of playing the role of rescuer or of sensing our importance? Do we just worry too much?

We can relax most of the time and let the trees do what they do naturally. They do it so well on their own. The snow on their branches looks beautiful, and it helps to give the trees moisture.

If there’s a huge snow storm where you live and trees are so overwhelmed with the snow that their branches droop all the way to the ground, you can ask a trusted adult to help you give the trees some relief from part of that snow. The adults will know just how to do that. But such a need seldom happens because trees are made to successfully hold a lot of snow.

Instead of worrying about the trees, enjoy how beautiful they look with their branches draped in white. With a brother, sister, or friend, have fun building a snowman near the tree. Or build a snow fort and make snow balls to throw at each other. There are so many fun things to do outside in the snow when you stop worrying about the trees. They’ll be just fine.

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