Attractions of Autumn

Yellow leaves on cottonwood in autumn

This cottonwood’s leaves turn a beautiful yellow in the fall.

When I see leaves on the trees changing colors, I think of warm, short sleeved weather turning into sweater and coat weather.

I love the fall season for many reasons. The weather is no longer uncomfortably warm. The changing leaf shades make the landscape turn into a crayon box full of bright colors.

Watering flowers and pulling weeds are no longer as big a chore as they once were. There is time to simply enjoy sitting and playing in the yard without all that extra work.

I also notice another change. Now that I’m not so busy with gardening and weeding, I have time for other activities. Some involve sitting and thinking, writing in my journal, or putting together jigsaw puzzles.

Others involve tasks I’ve ignored for a while: dusting shelves, trying out autumn recipes because I have more time to create in the kitchen, sharpening my indoor sports skills, such as ping pong.

Fall is a time for relaxing a little bit and getting reader for the quieter, indoor days of winter. That’s not true for winter sports enthusiasts, who love to see snow falling so they can ski, snowboard, snowmobile, or throw snowballs and build snow sports. Those are great activities too!

For me, I find the autumn season a wonderful time to slow down just a little, reflect on the past season, and enjoy the cooler weather.

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