My Showy Stonecrop

Showy stonecrop by driveway

Showy stonecrop flourishes

When I bought my house six years ago, among the plants I inherited with it was an interesting looking green one that had leaves shaped like an origami creation. They form many intricate designs that fold into each other. The plant is beautiful and looks even better now than it did six years ago. It flourishes in a flower bed beside my driveway.

I have always wished I knew its name. Thanks to my wonderful Picture This app, I now know it is a showy stonecrop. When I visited a friend a few years ago, she had a plant that looked a lot like it. She called it a donkey’s tail. Perhaps it just looked similar to my plant, because the name donkey’s tail never came up on my Picture This app.

I won’t enjoy my showy stonecrop any more than I did before I knew its name. But there is something satisfying about knowing what it is called. When I pull up into my driveway after returning home and see my beautiful plant, it makes me feel peaceful, as though no matter what kind of day I have had, things are going to be okay.

The hollyhock next to the showy stonecrop is flourishing this year too. I planted it last year, and it produced beautiful flowers. Already this year, several buds have formed on it. The flowers are several shades of pink. Later this summer, the showy stonecrop will grow purple stems. Those two plants together complement each other well.

The cluster of purple petunias on the other side of the showy stonecrop always looks gorgeous. They make me feel contented each time I see them. My neighbor even noticed how beautiful they are.

I think it would be hard to live in a place without flowers. It is especially nice to know the name of each flower.

I hope you have a place to grow some flowers, even if it is only on a window ledge. Flowers have a way of helping people feel contented and calm, no matter what.

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