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Bill Hatch’s Tree

A tall, beautiful English oak tree stands at San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico, thanks to Bill Hatch, an art professor there. With its spreading branches, it shades a lovely green lawn next to the Henderson Fine Arts Center, a fitting place for the tree. The tree is alive because Bill planted an acorn

In Wisconsin, Menominee Indians Wisely Husband Trees

Nearly a quarter of a million acres of trees cover most of the Menominee Indian Reservation in northern Wisconsin. Because of wise lumber harvesting practices, the forest contains more trees and healthier trees than it did a century and a half ago. That’s quite an accomplishment, because 93 percent of the 235,000-acre Menominee reservation is

My Showy Stonecrop

When I bought my house six years ago, among the plants I inherited with it was an interesting looking green one that had leaves shaped like an origami creation. They form many intricate designs that fold into each other. The plant is beautiful and looks even better now than it did six years ago. It

Trained Biologist Captures Plant Music

Tarun Nayar is a trained biologist. He is also a musician. He likes to make music with the help of bioelectric pulses he has recorded from living plants and fungi. He also is interested in integrating the sounds of wild places such as old-growth forests. He wants people to be fascinated by and aware of

Visiting Grandfather Tree

At the house where I used to live north of Aztec, New Mexico, there stood a huge cottonwood tree at the edge of the irrigation ditch that ran through our rural property. I called it Grandfather Tree. It was scarred with a long-ago lightning strike. Some of its branches had died and fallen off. Others

Plants Make Sounds When They Are Stressed

Some researchers in Israel have been studying plants and the sounds they make. Lilach Hadany, an evolutionary biologist and theoretician at Tel Aviv University is the senior author of the study. The researchers published their work in the journal, Cell. The study is called “Sounds Emitted by Plants Under Stress Are Airborne and Informative.” Though

The Pros and Cons of Trees in Cities

From scientists to planners, many people agree that trees make cities more comfortable and survivable as global temperatures rise. But planting more trees is easier said than done. An interesting article in the January 20, 2023 The Guardian Weekly written by Jon Henley laid out challenges experienced in some European cities. Though many people agree