Feeling ill at ease? Reach out to trees

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t sleep? Have images come into your mind that made you feel afraid, threatened or ill at ease for a reason you couldn’t grasp?

When things like that happen, even though you might not know why you are ill at ease, that is a time to reach out to trees you like to be around.

Here’s one way to do it.

1. Find a tree in your front or back yard or somewhere in your neighborhood where you feel safe.

2. Stand or sit in front of that tree.

3. Think about the feeling of uncertainty or strangeness that kept you from sleeping.

4. Thank the tree for being there in front of you, for how beautiful it is, and for all it does.

5. As well as you can, focus on the tree instead of the uncertainty or strangeness you have been feeling. This helps you get into a state of meditation more easily.

6. Keep focusing on the tree. Keep your mind alert. As you become still and become more meditative, listen for whatever message might come into your mind. The tree is a tool to help you become aware of messages that come from the wisdom that lies within you. You often don’t hear those messages because you’re thinking about or doing too many other things.

7. If nothing comes into your mind, don’t get discouraged. Just keep focusing on the tree.

8. A thought may come into your mind. If it is a thought from the wisdom that lies within you, it will be a message of love, encouragement, wisdom or support. If it’s something that makes you angry, upset or worried, just disregard it. Wait a little longer.

9. If a message does pop into your head that makes you feel loved, encouraged or supported, write it down on a piece of paper.

10. Thank the tree for helping you focus better so you could slip into a state of meditation.

11. Go back to your house and write the message down in your journal or in whatever place you keep messages that are important to remember.

12. Repeat that message every once in a while throughout the day. Keep repeating it for as many days or weeks as you need to hear it. It will help you feel stronger, braver and more loved.

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