Quiet Outdoor Activity



Tall cotton tree

This tall cottonwood is wreathed in green leaves.

Here’s an activity for a quiet day in your yard. It’s for a day when you don’t feel like being really active. Maybe you don’t feel well, but you don’t want to stay inside. Or maybe you would like to use your imagination.

If you have trees in your yard, choose one of them to sit under. You can bring a chair or a stool if you don’t want to sit on the ground. Once you are seated, look at the tree and think about how beautiful it is. Tell it that you like having it in your yard. Tell it how grateful you are for the tree. You can say those things out loud if you feel comfortable doing that. Or you can just think them in your mind.

After you have spent some time being grateful for the tree, let your mind relax. Just listen. See what comes into your mind. It could be anything. It could be nothing. You might feel surrounded by love. Enjoy that love. Then send it to the tree. Imagine that the tree is surrounded by a colorful circle of love. You can imagine that the circle is any color you want it to be.

When you feel like you’re done sitting under that tree, move to another tree in your yard. If you don’t have any other trees in your yard, sit by a bush or a flower. If the flower isn’t blooming, if it looks shriveled up, that’s okay. You can do this activity during any season of the year, even in the middle of winter.

Do the same thing you did as you sat under the tree. Think about how beautiful the bush or flower looks. Tell it you’re glad it’s in your yard and how grateful you are for it. Then listen. See what happens next. If nothing happens, you will enjoy some quiet moments out in nature. But maybe you will find yourself surrounded by a feeling of love. Be thankful for it. Send that feeling of love to the bush or flower. Imagine it is surrounded by a colorful circle of love.

Could a tree, a bush or a flower really send you love? You’ll have to decide that for yourself. Whatever you experience, just enjoy how good it feels to sit quietly in your yard.

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