Yucca Produces Lots of Blossoms

A clump of yucca in my yard is blooming more than I have ever seen it bloom before. I counted 14 different blossom towers on it, at least twice as many as I’ve seen it produce in the past.

I don’t know why it has chosen this year to bloom in such an incredibly beautiful way, but I love watching it through my kitchen window. I walk around it sometimes to count how many more blooms have appeared. They just keep sprouting.

I’ve thought about what makes the yucca blossom so abundantly this year. We’ve had sunny skies with very little moisture so far this spring. We’ve also had a lot of wind. I don’t know if any of those things make my yucca produce so many lovely, white blossoms. I just know they are beautiful, and I love to look at them.

I am pretty sure the yucca cactus was part of the landscaping created when the house was built over 40 years ago. Since then, I suspect the yucca has expanded into a larger family of plants. Every once in a while, I see a baby yucca push its head up through the dirt, and I have to dig it up with a shovel. I love yucca plants, but I don’t want them to multiply any more than they already have!

When I walk near the yucca and admire its many blooms, I thank it for being so beautiful and for being in my yard. I thank the juniper tree that towers beside it for giving it some shade. No matter how much plants love the sun, it must be nice for them to get relief from it every now and then.

If you have plants in your yard, take time to thank them for being there and for looking beautiful. Some scientists who study plants say they respond well to kind, loving words. Who knows? You might also respond well to your own kind, loving words spoken to the plants. How cool that you can make your plants feel better and, at the same time, make yourself feel better too.

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