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Tag: Forest

In Wisconsin, Menominee Indians Wisely Husband Trees

Nearly a quarter of a million acres of trees cover most of the Menominee Indian Reservation in northern Wisconsin. Because of wise lumber harvesting practices, the forest contains more trees and healthier trees than it did a century and a half ago. That’s quite an accomplishment, because 93 percent of the 235,000-acre Menominee reservation is

Volunteers Take Forests to People

In the Netherlands, also known as Holland, a landscape architect has dreamed up a project that brings trees to people. Bruno Doedens and the late Joop Mulder, who was his longtime collaborator, thought up the project. They wanted to reduce pollution and waste and to improve biodiversity, which refers to the variety of life in

We Have a Vital Connection with Trees

All of us have an important connection to forests. Knowing that connection helps us to understand how essential forests are to sustaining human life. An excellent documentary, “Call of the Forest – the Forgotten Wisdom of Trees,” helps us to understand that connection. The film follows scientist and author Diana Beresford-Kroeger as she explores the