Tag: carbon dioxide

Tag: carbon dioxide

Trees, Our Oldest Companions

Trees may be our oldest companions. Humans and trees have been included in the same stories and myths since just about the beginning of time. No wonder it feels good to be around trees. They’re like old friends. We find them just about everywhere – in our yards, in forests, in parks, around businesses and

Trees Have Many Benefits

The next time you take a walk, notice the trees around you. There are lots of them, and they add so many good things to the surrounding environment. Many people love trees. Newsletters like Treehugger and organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation help us understand the benefits of trees. Here are a few of

White Spruce Trees Take Root in Alaska Tundra

White spruce trees are beautiful coniferous trees that look kind of like Christmas trees. They can grow up to 100 feet tall, and they grow across North America. They are cone bearing seed plants. One place they have not been known to grow is on the Arctic tundra in Alaska. When shadows in northwest Alaska

We Have a Vital Connection with Trees

All of us have an important connection to forests. Knowing that connection helps us to understand how essential forests are to sustaining human life. An excellent documentary, “Call of the Forest – the Forgotten Wisdom of Trees,” helps us to understand that connection. The film follows scientist and author Diana Beresford-Kroeger as she explores the

Visit Trees for Educational Adventure

If you’re looking for a free, educational outing for your elementary school age kids, think about taking them to a place where you can both walk and enjoy trees at the same time. If your city has walkways along a river with plenty of trees, that would be a perfect place to go. Otherwise, find