So Many Colors in Nature

Flowers are full of colors

Have you ever noticed how many different colors there are in your own front and back yards?

There are lots of them! Sometimes the colors are different shades of pink or blue or purple. We don’t have names for all the different shades of yellow, red, or green.

If somebody tried to make up names for all the shades in one color, it would make a very long list. Pretty soon people might run out of names to make up for all those different shades. When people try to describe a different shade of color, sometimes they say things like light blue, dark blue, sky blue, or robin’s egg blue.

How many different colors and shades of color do you think are in your yard? Every tree has different shades of color in its bark. It could be light brown, dark brown, speckled brown or some other shade of brown. Flowers have so many different colors, and there are lots of shades in each of those colors. That’s one reason why flower beds look so pretty when all the flowers are blooming. Even if they are the same kind of flower, they all look a little bit different.

I think if you decided to find out how many different colors and shades of color are in your yard, you would need a notebook full of many pages. It might turn into a project you could do for science or botany class or even for an art class. Artists often mix different colors together to create the right shade of color they want in their picture.

Maybe you don’t like to make lists. If you would like to see how many different colors and shades of color are in your yard, you could make a game out of it. When you discover a different shade of color, call out what you find. You and your friends could have fun finding colors in all kinds of places.

The shades of color could be on a leaf, on the underside of a leaf, or on a branch. They could be on the fence or wall around your yard. You might find the stem of a flower that has several different shades of color. A blade of grass might start out being one color near the ground and change to a different color near the top.

When you’re done searching for different colors and shades of color in your yard, go inside and have a snack. You could have milk and cookies or apple and orange slices. While you eat your snack, you might discover that even milk, cookies, apples and oranges have different shades of color. Together, they all help to make our world a beautiful place.

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