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Tag: tree

Trees May Help You Feel Happier

Most people feel a little sad every now and then. Sometimes for just a few seconds, they may feel lonely or down in the dumps. Those feelings are often gone in a minute or two. Sometimes they last a little bit longer. When you start to feel sad or lonely, you could try something simple

What Do You Like a Lot?

A tall juniper tree in my front yard lends its shade to the hollyhock plant that grows near it. The shade keeps the hollyhock from getting too much sun. Plants, like people, enjoy the sun. But many plants also sometimes need shade so they don’t get too hot. We’re that way too. It’s fun to

So Many Colors in Nature

Have you ever noticed how many different colors there are in your own front and back yards? There are lots of them! Sometimes the colors are different shades of pink or blue or purple. We don’t have names for all the different shades of yellow, red, or green. If somebody tried to make up names

A Christmas Gift for Trees

While taking a stroll through your neighborhood, wouldn’t it be fun to give a gift to the trees that grow there? This gift would cost nothing – except for the time it takes to do it. It wouldn’t take any supplies or any physical labor except for the walk itself. What Christmas gift could you