What Do You Like a Lot?

Juniper tree provides shade to hollyhocks

Juniper tree shades hollyhocks from the sun

A tall juniper tree in my front yard lends its shade to the hollyhock plant that grows near it. The shade keeps the hollyhock from getting too much sun.

Plants, like people, enjoy the sun. But many plants also sometimes need shade so they don’t get too hot. We’re that way too. It’s fun to play out in the sun. But pretty soon a lot of us are glad to sit in the shade of a tree or come inside to cool down.

The hollyhock has just started to blossom, and I like looking at its three beautiful pink flowers. More flowers will be blossoming soon. I am glad my juniper tree is so good at providing shade when the hollyhock needs it.

Some flowers like sun, some don’t

Some flowers love the sun. They could be in the sun all day and enjoy every minute of it. Others wilt if they get too much sun. It’s important to know which plants like lots of sun and which ones need some shade. Then if you decide to plant the flowers, you will know where to put them in your yard.

We’re a little bit like plants. We like different things. Some of us like lots of something, others like just a little of it. How can you tell what you like a lot and what you like just a little?

Find out what you like

It might be fun to make a list of what you like a lot and what you like a little. Take a piece of lined paper and use a ruler to draw a line down the middle of it. At the top of the left column, write, “Things I like a lot.” At the top of the right column, write, “Things I like a little.”

During the day when you think about it, see how many things you can write in each column. It will be an interesting way to learn more about yourself and your likes and dislikes. If you forget what you like a lot and what you don’t want very much of the time, look at your paper. It will be a great reminder.

Find friends with help from your list

It might even help you know which people will be better matches for you as friends. If they like a lot of what you like, it might be extra fun to play with them. If they like just a little of what you really like, you might have a hard time playing together for very long. Keep that list handy. It can help you make good decisions about lots of things.

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