Find a Tree to Help this Fall

Tree with a bird house in it

This tree welcomes birds every year.

Do you have trees in your yard? Are there trees in your neighborhood? If you don’t have trees nearby, perhaps there are trees around your school.

If you can find a nearby tree where it is safe for you to spend some time, take a notebook and a pen or pencil with you. Sit under the tree and take a look at its bark, its leaves and its branches. Are there signs that the tree is getting ready for the fall season? Are its leaves starting to turn yellow, orange or red?

This is a time of change for everyone. You are in the process of changing too. Maybe you are starting to wear clothes that keep you a little warmer because the weather is getting cooler. You might have grown during the last year and need new clothes. Maybe something has changed in your family. You might have a baby brother or sister, or an older sibling has gone off to college. Maybe a relative is visiting for a while. All those changes mean that things are a little different at home.

Now think about trees and the changes that they go through as autumn approaches. If you could make one wish that would help the tree get used to those changes, what would that one wish be? As you sit under the tree, focus on it and see if you can guess one thing that could help it. Write down some ideas in your notebook if that will help you to concentrate.

Maybe it needs healthy soil around the base of its trunk so it has plenty of nutrition. Does it have weeds around it that need to be removed so the trunk can enjoy more sunlight? That sun on a cold day could help the tree feel warmer.

As you focus on the tree,  other ideas about how to help the tree might come to your mind. Think about that tree as your special project this fall and winter. Maybe think of it as your tree friend. You could pay it visits every now and then to see what it needs.

It’s fun to have tree friends. And, who knows? That tree might be able to help you as well. Just being around it could lift your spirits. And, without knowing it, you might lift the tree’s spirits too. After all, isn’t that what friends do for each other?

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