Tag: autumn

Tag: autumn

Trees Let Go When the Time Is Right

In autumn, the leaves of certain kinds of trees turn different colors and fall off. They are known as deciduous trees. Some of them are cottonwoods, elms, maples, oaks, and chestnuts. Other trees, such as spruce, juniper and pine, have needles instead of leaves, and they hang onto most of their needles all year long.

Find a Tree to Help this Fall

Do you have trees in your yard? Are there trees in your neighborhood? If you don’t have trees nearby, perhaps there are trees around your school. If you can find a nearby tree where it is safe for you to spend some time, take a notebook and a pen or pencil with you. Sit under

Learning about Leaves Can Be Fun

Neighborhood leaves gather by a fence This autumn, leaves are falling from trees and blowing all over the place. Some of them are quite beautiful, and many of them have different shapes. Maybe some of them are blowing into your yard. As they fall down and blow near your house, see how many you can