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Tag: school

Trees, Our Oldest Companions

Trees may be our oldest companions. Humans and trees have been included in the same stories and myths since just about the beginning of time. No wonder it feels good to be around trees. They’re like old friends. We find them just about everywhere – in our yards, in forests, in parks, around businesses and

Find a Tree to Help this Fall

Do you have trees in your yard? Are there trees in your neighborhood? If you don’t have trees nearby, perhaps there are trees around your school. If you can find a nearby tree where it is safe for you to spend some time, take a notebook and a pen or pencil with you. Sit under

How to Deal with a Bully

Though we often think of bullies as being mostly found in school settings, they pop up everywhere, even among adults. They can be found in every walk of life. Usually, bullies try to belittle and intimidate others because they have a low opinion of themselves. If they can make someone else feel sad, uncomfortable or