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Tag: carbon

African Farmers to the Rescue

Though deforestation rates in parts of Africa may be rising, farmers in many African countries are growing trees – lots of them. Yale Environment 360, an online magazine focusing on global environmental issues, published an article June 13, 2023 written by Fred Pearce that tells how African farmers are improving the global climate by growing

Trees Have Many Benefits

The next time you take a walk, notice the trees around you. There are lots of them, and they add so many good things to the surrounding environment. Many people love trees. Newsletters like Treehugger and organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation help us understand the benefits of trees. Here are a few of

Mother Trees Keep Forests Healthy

Just as mothers help to make a family strong and connected, mother trees in forests do the same thing for other trees and vegetation. Ecologist Suzanne Simard recently wrote a book about that called Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest. She works at the University of British Columbia. Her book has

Does Combining Trees with Farmland Improve Crops?

There is an interesting farming experiment going on in England. It wants to find out how planting trees on farms will benefit the soil and livestock. Andy Gray, who owns Elston Farm in Devon, is part of that experiment, which involves seven farms in southwest England. Devon is located 196 miles south-southwest of London. Gray