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Trees Have Many Benefits

The next time you take a walk, notice the trees around you. There are lots of them, and they add so many good things to the surrounding environment. Many people love trees. Newsletters like Treehugger and organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation help us understand the benefits of trees. Here are a few of

How to Chase the Blahs Away

If you are feeling a little blah, there’s an easy way to fix that. Spend 20 minutes walking or playing among trees. Just 20 minutes will help you start to feel better. How cool is that! If you don’t have trees anywhere nearby, just spend time outside in the yard or in a park with

Father Sky/Mother Earth Exercise

When Katie and Francisco, the characters in If I Were a Tree, What Would I Be?, talk about what they have learned from trees, they discover that trees are really good at staying grounded. That means they focus on what is happening right now. Often, we try to stay focused, but we end up rehashing